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March 31, 2014

After 2 years of studying Winning the Battle Within which deals with the sensitive issues of men and our attraction to pornography and sex addiction, a number of us who believed we'd learned about all we could learn on that subject, wanted to learn to grow our faith through the study of God's Word.  The result was our men's Wednesday night Bible study.  We chose to study the book of Revelation for a couple of reasons.  First, it's the only book in the Bible that promises its reader a blessing (Rev 1:3).  Second, considering the times we live in we wanted to learn about the ... read more
Chapter 1
March 04, 2014

­­­­­Smart Guide to the Bible The Book of Revelation By: Daymond R. Duck   Chapter One   Chapter Highlights Read, Hear and Keep Ruler of All Rulers Alpha and Omega Seven Lampstands Our High Priest He Holds the Keys   Before We Begin   Since we will be studying Revelation, it is important to understand what a revelation is.  The word revelation comes from the Greek word “apokalupsis”.  It means “the uncovering, the unveiling, or the disclosing.”  Revelation is the disclosing of Jesus Christ.&n ... read more
Chapter 2
March 03, 2014

­­The Book of Revelation Chapter Two Chapter Highlights Four Church letters The Second Death Fire and Bronze Jezebel The Bright and Morning Star Before We Begin We begin chapter two with a study of seven letters to seven specifically selected churches.  In one sense, they are as ancient as the apostle John, but in another, they are as modern as today’s computers.  We could read them as personal messages to those living today.  They were inspired by the Holy Spirit, and their message is of the utmost importance.  We should keep in mind ... read more
Chapter 3
March 02, 2014

­­Revelation Chapter 3   Chapter Highlights Three Church Letters The Lamb’s Book of Life Key-Holder Lukewarm Standing at the Door Before We Begin Chapter 3 continues the seven letters to the seven churches in Asia Minor (Modern day Turkey).  We will now study the last three letters.  Keep in mind the fact that these last letters are personal messages from Jesus to each one of us, and the that they represent a prophetic view of Church history beginning around AD 1517 and running to the Tribulation Period midpoint.  There are some great ... read more
Chapter 4
March 01, 2014

­­­­­­­Revelation Chapter 4   Chapter Highlights The Rapture God’s Throne Approaching Storm Four Living Creatures Twenty-four Elders Before We Begin! Chapter 4 brings us to a major turning point in the Book of Revelation.  Chapters 1 – 3 revealed John’s vision of Jesus and the Church Ages throughout history up to the present day.  John’s vision of Jesus is behind us.  In other words, it is past.  Most of the Church Age is past and the little that remains will soon be in the past.  We now embark on new disco ... read more
Chapter 5
February 28, 2014

Revelation Chapter Five   Chapter Highlights The Seven Sealed Scroll The Lion of Judah Worship of the Lamb Praise from All Creatures Before We Begin Revelation is a book of symbols.  Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, John recorded God’s message using these symbols to make it easier for us to understand.  Unfortunately, now we have the task of deciphering the meaning of these symbols.  To do that, we look to the Old Testament book of the prophet Jeremiah. Jeremiah 32 tells us about the law of redemption of land (Lev 25:8-24; Jer 32 ... read more
Chapter 6
February 27, 2014

­­­­Revelation Chapter 6   Chapter Highlights The First Seal The Four Horsemen The Tribulation Saints The Great Earthquake Before We Begin Chapter 6 is a chapter that shifts gears on us a little.  We now go from the future events unfolding around the throne and in heaven to future events on earth.  We have looked at what will happen in heaven between the Rapture and the Tribulation Period.  Now we turn our attention to what will happen on earth during this same period of time.  There is a lot of debate about how long this period will last.& ... read more
Chapter 7
February 26, 2014

Revelation Chapter Seven Chapter Highlights The Mark of God The 144,000 A Great Multitude A Great Worship Service Never Again! Before We Begin While Chapter 6 ushered in the Tribulation Period with Jesus opening the first 6 seals, we are now going to take a little break from the judgments.  Chapter Seven is our 1st informational chapter.  Today Christians are spreading the Word of God throughout the world by shortwave radio, television, and the Internet.  The Bible has been translated into more than half of the know languages in the world, and ... read more
Chapter 8
February 25, 2014

­­­­­­Revelation   Chapter Eight Chapter Highlights Silence in Heaven The Golden Censer The First Four Trumpets An Eagle’s Cry Before We Begin Chapter 6 described the opening of the first six seals, but it ended before reaching the seventh seal.  Chapter 7 covered the sealing of the 144,000 but likewise, failed to mention the seventh seal.  It is not until chapter 8 that we learn about his final seal.  The opening of the seventh seal reveals the appearance of seven angels with seven trumpets.  This means that the judgments will now re ... read more
Pre, Mid, Post
February 24, 2014

The Mid-Tribulation Rapture Position   The Essential Points of Mid-Tribulation (MT) Rapture In the study of the Mid-Tribulation (MT) position it is well to observe that many of its essential points are those of the post-Tribulation position. 1.       MT must either deny or at least weaken the dispensational interpretation of the Scriptures. 2.       MT must deny the strict distinctions between Israel and the church. 3.       The position must rest on a view of the tribulation that divides the p ... read more
Chapter 9
February 24, 2014

­­­Revelation Chapter Nine   Chapter Highlights Opening the Abyss Demon-Possessed Locusts Four Bound Angels 200 Million Troops Unrepentant Hearts Before We Begin Interpreting the symbols in the book of Revelation is one reason why it’s considered one of the most difficult books in the Bible.  Readers have to seek John’s explanation of the symbols or search other books of the Bible for explanations that seem to fit.  But John offers little explanation for what is recorded in chapter 9.  Even searching other books is not very help ... read more
Chapter 10
February 23, 2014

Revelation Chapter Ten Chapter Highlights A Mighty Angel No More Delay! Be a Doer Eat the Book A Commission Before We Begin Chapter 6 provided information about the first six seal judgments, but not the seventh.  There was an interruption in chapter 7 to seal the 144,000 and to provide information about the multitudes they will win to Jesus. Chapter 8 ended the interruption with the opening of the seventh seal, which described the first four trumpet judgments but not the last three.  Chapter 9 kept things going with the next two trumpet judgments, b ... read more