Bold in Babylon

The people of God are still exiles in Babylon. The culture in which we live not only seeks to push God to the margins but also aims to silence the voice of biblical convictions. The church has not only lost home field advantage, but we also face daily pressure to conform to the culture of confusion. How do we remain bold in Babylon? How do we withstand the cultural pressures and live with courage in the face of lions?

The Downward Ascent
of Servant Leadership

Servant leadership is a downward ascent to greatness. It’s a journey of servanthood where we become lesser and God becomes greater. It’s a road of humility where instead of rising to power we descend into greatness.True leadership in the kingdom of God is upside-down and inside-out from how the world views it. Where the world values the microphone, God values the mop. Where the world values the podium, God values the plunger. And those of us who truly want to be great in God’s eyes are quick to remember the words of our Savior: The greatest among you shall be your servant (Matthew 23:11).

God's Relentless Pursuit of Reluctant Leaders

The eyes of the Lord search throughout the world, calling ordinary people on extraordinary journeys. However, the first and most common reaction to the call of God is reluctance. We begin to reason: "Maybe God chose the wrong person. Maybe there are more capable people. Maybe I don't have what it takes."