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Next Steps are designed to help you take your next step in in the church or in the faith. This is a one stop place to find all the next steps you might want, or need, to take.
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Find a Group

Jesus doesn't ever leave you, and as the Church, we want to live life with you as well. You don't have to be alone, heal alone, or walk in the faith alone; we're not made to. Find a group and go smaller, go deeper.


Need a way to contact the church? Wan't to stay informed about whats happening at New Hope on a weekly basis? Interested in joining a service team? Select one of the steps below.


Now is the time! Take your next steps in the faith and show your commitment to Jesus through Baptism! Commit to raising your child in a Godly way! Or show Christs commitment to you by sharing your testimony!


Partner with us in the ministry by giving, or see what ministries we partner with to make the Gospel know!


Want to deepen your understanding of the Bible? Learn habits that can help you in daily devotion?

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Everything at your finger tips...and in an app. It's pretty handy-dandy! You can also interact with your small groups through it!
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Year End Missions Giving Challenge Handout
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