We don't want You to be Alone.

Small Groups are integral to the gathering of believers. They allow a big church to be small, more connected, and have truer community. And that community can go deeper, grow together, serve together, or heal together. Below are different types of groups, select one you want to check out and filter down the groups until you find one for you.
Discipleship Groups at New Hope

Discipleship Groups

What are the basics of the faith? How do I follow Jesus? I want to live like Jesus is Lord over everything in my life; because He is. These are good questions to ask and a good desire to have, and this is the essence of discipleship.
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Care and Support Groups at New Hope Community Church

Care Groups

Divorce, grief, addiction recovery, trauma, family dysfunction, poor health; whatever it is you're facing, we don't want you to go through it alone. Neither does Jesus. He is there for you, and has not forsaken you, and we want to be there for you too.
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Community Groups at New Hope

Community Groups

Community Groups and attending New Hope go hand in hand! Community Groups are the place to find, well, community. These are home groups, on-campus groups, online groups, sermon based groups, or groups in the same life-stage; like young and married.
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