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People cannot call on Jesus if they don’t believe in Him. People cannot believe in Jesus if they have not heard of Him. People cannot hear of Jesus unless someone preaches to them. People cannot have faith in a message of Christ if indeed they have not heard the word of Christ. So, consequently, all who do not hear the message of the cross and respond with faith in Christ are still dead in their sins and in need of a Savior. This is why the call to missions is serious: It is a matter of life and death for millions around the world.”


The 17% Promise

Seventeen percent of all tithes and offerings given to New Hope are given directly to our global and local mission partners.

Invitation to Partner

17% of all non-dedicated gifts given to New Hope are given to missions. We also believe that the best way to make a lasting impact is to continually partner alongside the same missions year after year. Consider these things as you look through the ministries below and decide which one you may like to give to.
Give to New Hope

Global Missions

AFCI - Australia

Teaching churches and individuals how to share the story of Jesus more effectively through the EvangelismSHIFT program

AFCI - Cambodia

Gospel outreach, pastoral support, and distribution of emergency relief supplies

AFCI - Ghana

Gospel outreach, pastoral support, and training of pastors and church planters

AFCI - Myanmar

Training and support for pastors and church planters

AFCI - Nigeria

Pastoral support, training and support of church planters

AFCI - Pakistan

Support and training for pastors and church planters, construction and repairs for a damaged church

AFCI - Romania

Gospel outreach to gypsy communities, support for pastors and church planters, vehicle purchase for outreach activities

AFCI - Slovakia

Gospel outreach trips, support for pastors and church planters

AFCI - North Africa

Training and education for pastors and church planters

Ambassadors for Christ - Philippines

Support for pastors and church planters, scholarships for seminary students

Bible League International

Funding for Project Philip Bible studies in Nicaragua and South Africa

Big Life

Church leader support in Myanmar/Burma and the Pacific Islands, food distribution and gospel outreach to kiln workers in Pakistan

Christian Life Ministries – Uganda

Emergency food and supply distribution for families affected by lockdown shortages

Global Partners – Thailand

Outreach to women trafficked in the Bangkok red light district, church planting, mentorship, and evangelism

Hope4TheChildren – Uganda

Continued construction and repair of a school and support buildings in Nangala village


Gospel outreach, water well ministry, church planting, purchase of sewing machines and supplies for women’s microenterprises.

Kenya Hope

Emergency food distribution for families affected by lockdown in Kenya

Mission Impact

Continued construction of Christian nursing school in Guatemala, emergency relief supplies for medical clinics

Mission India

Distribution of emergency food and supply packages during lockdown, church planter training, children’s bible clubs, gospel-centered adult literacy classes

Multiplication Network Ministries

Pastoral support and church planter training in Russia and the Baltic states, ministry to communities suffering from addiction and substance abuse in Russia.

Seed of Life – Cambodia

Gospel outreach through pastoral support, training of church planters, prison ministry, and community events

The Seed Company

Translation of the Book of Mark for the Talapatra-speaking people (India)

The Way Home – Africa

A strategically located, Gospel-focused ministry, to destitute families of widowed grandmothers raising their orphaned grandchildren (obedient to James 1:27)  in rural Uganda.

Slavic Mission in Europe – Pastor Vanja

Food, supplies, housing, evacuation, and resettlement for refugees. Church planting and gospel outreach.

Partner in Prayer

1. Pick a ministry listed above and commit to praying for them and the people they are ministering to.
2. Challenge yourself to pray each day for 30 days strait
3. Be intentional with this and ask the Lord how He wants you to pray for them
Why should I give?
How can I give?
Should I give directly or through New Hope?
Can I volunteer?
Is there another way I can be involved?


Where does my money go?
Why Should I Give?
We believe these ministries, and missions in general, are vital for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to reach around the world that eyes may be opened, hearts healed, and souls saved, that each person may know and delight in and with their Savior, there Creator, there God, for all of eternity.
How Can I Give?
There are two ways you can give.
Through New Hope Community Church
• Click on the “give now” button
• Select the fund you’d like to give to
• Giving to New Hope – 15% of gift will go to missions
• Give to Benevolence – 100% of gift will be used to help fund missions, mission projects, or individuals in need
• Give to Specific Mission through New Hope – 100% of gift will be used for that mission (funding specific projects New Hope has decided to sponsor as a church)

Directly to Mission/Missionary
• Click on the “learn more” button under the specific mission you wish to give to
• Click on the “give directly” button
• You will be redirected to the mission’s website

• Follow the instructions on their website for giving
Should I Give Directly or Through New Hope?
That depends, some missions may have different opportunities for individuals while New Hope may be supporting a specific region or project of that ministry. We ask that you pray and seek the Lord about how and where to give.
Can I Volunteer?
Yes! One way to make a difference is through prayer. Oswald Chambers said

“Prayer does not fit us for the greater work; prayer is the greater work.”

You can find a prayer guide for some of these ministries in the “Prayer” section of this webpage. Or, alternatively, you could select one of the ministries above and commit to pray for them for 30days
Will My Kids be Safe?
We have made every effort to ensure the safety of our children and adults. Childcare workers have approved background checks run through law enforcement agencies. We also have a security team on site to do their very best to protect our premises. We value the lives of every person who walks through our doors.
Where does My Money go?
17% of all non-dedicated gifts given to New Hope are given to missions locally and around the world.
If you give to the New Hope benevolence fund all of that gift will be used for individuals in need.
If you give through New Hope to a specific mission, 100% of that monetary gift will be given to that mission for the project that New Hope is supporting.
To better understand how the individual missions will use the money given to them, please view their individual website. Links can be found under the “learn more” section of each mission.