Find Hope

Finding Hope Part 1 — Who is God


God is the only sovereign, wise, and good Creator of all things, who reigns as King over all creation for His own glory.
Romans 11:23-36
Finding Hope Part 2 — What is man?


Human beings were made in God’s image to love and worship Him forever. But ever since Adam first rebelled against God, we have all been lost in sin, under God’s judgment, and unable to save ourselves.
Romans 3:23
Finding Hope part 3 — Who is Jesus Christ


Out of undeserved love and grace, God sent His only Son to save us from sin and reconcile us to Himself through Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.
John 3:16
Finding Hope part 4 — What is our response to God?


God offers us His gift of salvation by grace, which we receive through faith in Jesus. He makes us new, calls us to leave sin behind, and invites us to join His work in the world.
Ephesians 2:8-10

Why do We Continue to Hope?

The Problem of Pain

God doesn't abandon us in our pain. As Christians, He dwells in us. Therefore, every hurt, every pain, every grief, every horrific event He experiences with us, knowing the fullness of it better than any other who dwells outside of us. He will weep with us, sit in the quiet with us, and will not leave us to deal with it alone.

The Problem of Addiction

Jesus, being perfect, never sinned, instead, resisted it even unto death. This does not however mean He can not therefore relate to us. In fact, it means He know's sins power better than us. One can only find out the full strength of the opposing army if He resists their attacks. Jesus, having resisted fully knows the fullness of the enemy's strength better than any other; and He fights for us; for you; with you. He will help you.
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Divorce, grief, addiction recovery, trauma, family dysfunction, poor health; whatever it is you're facing, we don't want you to go through it alone. Neither does Jesus. He is there for you, and has not forsaken you, and we want to be there for you too.
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